Energy AND Being Your Best Advocate! (7 of 7)

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As the end of the year approaches, YES REALLY, as of today only 47 more days of 2017!
Let’s begin our health and fitness goals now, YAY!!

If you’re at work and have been sitting, for what is likely too long, get up stretch, walk up and down a couple flights of stairs; walk around the building, depending on weather, your fitness/tolerance, walk inside or outside; get rid of that coffee/espresso…some with too much sugar, and maybe too much caffeine; drink water, I just did, mmm water :p’; have a balanced lunch including vegetables…you know…

Most of us know what to do, it’s simply a matter of thinking and planning ahead.  Remember you’re smart; be smart; you know what to do/not do; and you can do it, after all it is your choice.  Water, and a good meal will help us feel better, for longer, than any caffeinated beverage.  More on caffeine below.

Since I haven’t covered much about food, we’ll conclude this series with what many people consume for energy and weight loss.  It’s a legal “drug” I think a huge portion of people depend on, maybe too much…did you guess?  Yes, caffeine :}

A little about me, and a disclaimer, none of what I post is meant to take place of your doctor’s advice:
Therefore, before I share what I think, what I’ve heard, or what my education taught me, most often, I double check various sites, and resources, to make sure topics are backed up by reliable sources.

In this case, I share a popular fitness magazine article/link, which mostly provides sound information.  I do not read and check all their sources.  The second links are from a medical site.

FIRST – Being Your Best Advocate:
Of course find a doctor, a good doctor, to help you reach your goals.  I will avoid saying – you know if you need to consult with a doctor – because I do not know if you know that or not.  What I want is for EVERYONE to interview your doctor, research their background, read reviews about them, reasonably educate yourself regarding advice they give you, AND if you are not comfortable with your doctor, find another one.  In my twenties, I switched doctors at least three times within a year.  My impression was I could find someone who was more attune to my needs than their schedule, I could find a doctor who communicated in a manner that told me they looked at my chart, a doctor who was familiar with me or listened enough that they could be.  I finally found a REALLY good and nice doctor.  After a few years he moved to take over his dad’s practice :/  BUT, that experience showed me being persistent was worth it.  You might get a doctor you’re comfortable with on your first try, YAY!!  I’ve left doctors who seemed SSoooo nice, but who did not seem to be very competent.
Here’s a little joke, nothing against doctors, this is food for thought…

“What do you call a doctor who finishes at the bottom of their class/has the lowest grades?
You call them, doctor :}

Just because someone finishes at the bottom of their class doesn’t = they won’t be a good doctor, it’s simply something to think about.  Vice versa, a top of the class Dr. does not = they will be the best.  Doctors are people, just like the person sitting next to you at work, or down the hall…some have good work ethics, others don’t.
While being my best advocate, I left doctors who were giving me vague, ambiguous, answers and saying things that did not mesh with what made sense.  With a degree in Kinesiology, I know some terms doctors use.  When statements did not make since, I asked questions, not in a manner to prove them wrong or me right, simply to understand.  After all, it is my health and the information is most important to me, and I want you to understand what your doctor tells you too.  The worst experiences were, yes it’s happened numerous times, when doctors were defensive, hmmm…HUGE red flag.  I was shocked and it was disturbing.  I just wanted to understand, which led me to next doctor please!  🙂  PLEASE, please, please make sure you educate yourself as much as possible using reliable sources.  This will save you time when you are with your doctor.  Also, write down your questions.  I keep a list and add to it; by the time I have an appointment, I’ve written down questions that crossed my mind between visits.  Of course if you have an emergency, do what you need to do, and don’t wait for your next appointment.  Why does it sound like I have so much experience, “at SUCH a young age?!”  I’ve had quite a few injuries.  Unfortunately, every injury that causes me issues was due to another person’s error :/  Remember, even if you’re working with a professional, they/we are humans; we make mistakes too.

Yes, it can be a pain, and over the years, between insurance changes, doctors moving, offices changing which insurance they accept and don’t accept…I have had to go through the process a number of times.  As recent as 2015, this process started again :/  Now, for now, I believe I am set.

Now let’s get back to caffeine and talk about energy!
How to go from this
Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 11.58.11 AM
to this 🙂
Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 12.00.47 PM

Let’s get back to caffeine, oh wait I already said that :}
How many of you have had too much coffee and next thing you know you can’t concentrate, you feel like your insides and brain are bouncing off the walls, you get annoyed, irritable, and are easily OVERWHELMED!?!?!
me me me meeeeeee
Whew!  Yuck, right?!?

Do you know what cortisol is?  It’s a hormone our bodies release when we’re stressed.  Where is this headed?  Yep, you guessed it, when we have too much caffeine we get anxious and stressed.  Stress increases our body’s production of cortisol :/   UhOh!!  While cortisol is important, and needed, we only need it at certain times.  For more insight, read this: Is Caffeine Turning You Into a Monster?

The article might be, or have been, a little long for some, but the information is helpful, either as new information or as a reminder.

The following two articles:

  • one discusses – Pros and Cons of the Caffeine Craze this has a lot of information.  If you only read one article start with this one
  • two discusses why some people gain weight – 6 Reasons You’re Gaining Weight to loop this back into our point regarding caffeine, remember it can be an appetite suppressant, because it is a stimulant, but suppressing your appetite too much, or when you really don’t need to, can lead to not eating enough.  This will slow down your metabolism and cause you to gain weight.  Caffeine can also disrupt your sleep pattern, another issue that can lead to weight gain.  For those of you who want to gain weight, this is not a healthy method, plus not eating enough makes you feel awful!

After you read the link(s) I’ll discuss some pointers about people who have difficulty gaining weight.  Guessing some of you get too many articles about losing weight and not enough about gaining weight.
For those of you who want to gain weight, add healthy choices of higher calorie foods.  Do you have access to avocados, nut butters, or supplement drinks like Ensure?  Those are healthy higher calorie options.  It’s always better to get nutrients from food over supplements.  That’s my opinion and the opinion of doctors I’ve consulted.  Here is an article with Healthy Ways to Gain Weight.  Again consult your doctor, the one you found to be the best for you, because I am not trying to replace their advice.

Next posts will be a series regarding my journey into Eastern Medicine 🙂



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