Variety is the Spice of Life!! (6 of 7)

Now that you’ve mastered how to start smart, stretching, knowing when, and how, to increase intensity, based on what your body is dictating, we will check out options.
Make it FunYes, options!  As the title states, variety is the Spice of Life!!  If you read about me, I grewup playing, and I still like to play!  When there’s a group hike, I want to go.  If I want to get in the water, I go for a paddle.  I prefer, the older style, prone paddling.

I’ve used stand up paddle boards too, those are very popular.  If you live near any type of recreational body of water, and you know how to swim, Stand Up Paddle (SUP) boards are great for those who want to get some water experience, but aren’t quite into just swimming.

For this section I can go on and on, because remember I like to play 🙂  Cycling is another option, or for those who have a pair of shoes and you’re ready to go, go for a walk.  To increase the intensity find a hill, if you live in a flat area, go to a building with stairs and walk up and down and up and down, do it according to what your body tells you.  This is VERY IMPORTANT, stair wells can get stuffy, and do get warmer than the building.  Too bad stair wells aren’t air conditioned :/

As always take water with you.

If you are at a loss about what to do in your area, contact me and I will help you find some Spice, I mean Options!!



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