INTENSITY!!! (5 of 7)

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 11.07.42 AMVaVaVoom!!!  Intense, we all want intense!  Now hold on, how intense to get is the question and how soon?  Yes, I am talking about exercise.  Oh, uh yes, these questions do fit various scenarios… 😉

Some of us want it all now!  However; we have to remember making up for months or even years in one workout will most likely lead to issues, most of them not good.  So, how to determine how much and when is the question.
Yes, this varies, of course, for each person.  We’re going to start with a  basic “basic.”

Let’s start with 30 minutes.  Goal – get your mile time/baseline.  Find yourself a distance that can be measured.  Using a local high school track works great, four laps typically equals one mile.  If you don’t have a local track, google some area you’re comfortable walking and figure out a good mile, vs a bad mile, haha.  In a month walk the distance again to see your improvement.  🙂
Use your half hour to incorporate, as described in previous posts, your warm-up, stretching, time your mile, stretch/cool-down.  Woohoo!

If a mile is too much for you, PLEASE listen to your body!!  Our bodies determine what’s right!  We all have the challenge, at one time or another, to figure out if we’re making excuses or we’re hearing our body loud and clear.  Whether it’s too much or too little, sometimes we learn the hard way :/
Let’s be as smart as possible.  If you’re going for the mile and you don’t feel right or well.  Measure and note what you’ve done, and that’s your baseline.  If you have concerns, or indications of serious health issues, always check with your doctor.  Once you’re cleared for exercise, take someone with you until you determine your comfort level.  If unable to find someone to go with you, walk in an area with a lot of people who can help you, if needed.  In this case maybe a mall, a business area, a park when people are around…If you’re not sure where to go, send me a message and I’ll help you figure it out.

Next post = next steps, for various levels

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