Stretching :) 4 of 7

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 11.08.32 AM  Let’s continue with a bit about stretching.

Previous post discussed the best time to stretch, now what to stretch.

Full body stretches are the best!!  I love them!!  Feels good just thinking about them 🙂
Do them even when you haven’t worked your entire body.  After a walk, run, bike ride, or any other movement, your body is most likely nice a warm.
This is a safe time to stretch your nice warm muscles.

Why a full body stretch?
Ask yourself this: what do you want to easily move for the rest of your life?

For me, I want to be able to move everything as best as I can.  Guessing you do too!
Than the best thing is to keep everything flexible and moving.  🙂

If you are limited on time, definitely stretch the muscles you worked.  If you ran, stretch your legs.  Some activities/sports will use most of your body.  If you swim, you’ll stretch your back, sides, shoulders, legs, glutes (gluteus maximus)/bootie, and calves, mostly the same for tennis.

Be aware of your body, feel what your working and know what you need to stretch.
If you’re not sure, ask me.

Here’s an example of stretching your legs:
stretch all sides: front-quads, inner thighs-adductors, outer thighs-abductors, and back of thighs-hamstrings.

Some of the basic physiology behind stretching is to get your muscles back to the state they were in before you exercised.  Your movement during your activity is done by your muscles contracting and extending, shortening and lengthening.  They will get tight from the contractions; in order to loosen them up we stretch.  Think of the stereotypical body builder who “can’t” straighten his arms.  They seem constantly rounded.  That is from tight muscles.

The other reason is to get your blood flowing to all your muscles.  Having good blood flow to your muscles helps you in many ways, including workout recovery.

AS ALWAYS PLEASE share your comments, questions, suggestions and let’s converse.


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